4 (2), 2014


Editorial Board, Table of Contents

Suneetha Kandi
Prevalence of Counseling Needs in Late Adolescent College Students of India

Eda Duruk & Fatma Hülya Özcan
Input Processing of Turkish Learners of English from Beginner and Advanced Level of Proficiency

Javad Armani Saribagloo, Firouzeh Sepahrian Azar & Hojjat Mahmoudi
The Relationship between Teacher’s Perceived Organizational Culture of School and their Basic Psychological Needs Satisfaction

Amit Kauts & Vijay Kumar Chechi
Teacher Effectiveness in Relation to Type of Institution, Emotional Intelligence and Teaching Experience

Suzan Duygu Erişti
Culture Perception of Art and Design Students Come in Turkey through International Erasmus Program

Çiğdem Suzan Çardak & Meral Güven
Assessment of the Reliability and Validity of PLSI in a Turkish Higher Education Institution

Ali Merç
The Relationship between WTC Level and LLS Use among Turkish EFL Learners