4 (1), 2014
Güner Tural & Önder Kabadayı
Pedagogical Formation Program Teacher Candidates’ Attitudes Towards the Teaching Profession

Levent Çetinkaya & Hafize Keser
Problems Faced by Teachers and Students in Terms of Using Tablet PCs and Suggested Solutions Related to these Problems

Joakim Samuelsson & Karin Forslund Frykedal
Task Influences on Students’ Collaboration in Mathematics Teaching

Nihal Tunca & Senar Alkın-Şahin
The Relationship Between Pre-Service Teachers’ Metacognitive Learning Strategies and Academic Self-Efficacy

M. Özgü Bulut
Body Music Courses within Music Education

Atilla Cavkaytar, Veysel Aksoy & Avşar Ardıç
The Updating for Study of Parental Self Efficacy Scale Validity and Reliabilitiy