3 (1), 2013
Pegah Merrikhi
The Effect of Knowing the Main Idea of a Text on Answering Multiple-Choice Questions Which Look for the Details of the Text

Suzan Duygu Erişti, Betül Uluuysal & Muhterem Dindar
Designing an Interactive Learning Environment based on Theories of Visual Perception and Students’ Views About the Software

E. Nihal Ahioğlu Lindberg & Ayşe Nur Demircan
Parental Participation According to Students’ Perspective at High School: Adaptation of a Scale

Ayhan Bayrak
German Language Teaching Program Students’ Views About the Use of Internet and Computer in Foreign Language Teaching

Zeynep Bayrakdar Çiftçi, Levent Akgün & Demet Deniz
Teachers’ Opinions and Solution Suggestions Regarding Encountered Issues on the Ninth Grade Mathematics Curriculum

Murat Ertürk
The Evaluation of the Curriculum For the Visual Arts Education Course at Primary School in Accordance with the Teacher Opinions

Kuan Chen Tsai
A Journey to the Qualitative Wonderland: Lessons Learned for Novice Researchers

Selma Kara
Writing Anxiety: A Case Study on Students’ Reasons for Anxiety in Writing Classes

Ferit Karakoyun & Işıl Kabakçı Yurdakul
Examining Communication Skills Of Pre-service Information Technology Teachers