5 (Spc. Issue), 2015


Editorial Board, Table of Contents

From Editor
Teresa Eça
Hybrid Habitats: Understanding the self and the other through performance based pedagogy

Gülbin Zeren Nalinci & Mehmet Yapıcı
A Discussion of the Practicality of the Visual Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education

Handan BÜLBÜL & Vedat ÖZSOY
Student Views on the 4MAT Teaching Model Application in the Two Dimensional Art Studio Classes in the Fine Arts High School

The Effects of Knowledge Acquisition Levels on Perception in Art Education

Maryam Monirifar
The Effect of National and International Culture on Logo Design of Iran’s Graphic Art

Pictures And Words: Celebrating Plurality Through Collaborative Storytelling With Traditional Artists Of Rajasthan, India

Nuray Mamur
The Changing Side of Art Education and A Restructuring Proposal for a New for Turkey Visual Arts Education

Öznur IŞIR & Metin İNCE
Activities In Children’s Universities: The Case Of Istanbul Kemerburgaz Children’s University

The Importance And Place Of Illustrated Fairy Tale Books In Art Education For Pre-School Children

Gonca Erim, Müge Gültekin , Meltem Karakuyu Şangüder & Berna Coşkun Onan
The Opinions Of The Secondary School Teachers Of Visual Arts On The Curriculum

A. Dilek Kıratlı & Evrim Çağlayan
Physical Conditions of Faculties of Fine Arts Departments of Painting Established in and after 2005

Deniz Ayşe Yazıcıoğlu
The Role of Computer Technologies in Restructuring of Design Education

Doug Boughton
The Curriculum as a Work of Art: Conceptualizing Change in the Context of Social Transformation

Kerry Freedman
Images That Transform: Analyzing Visual Culture That Changes People's Minds

Olcay Kırışoğlu
Looking Into The Future With Hopeful Eyes

Paul Duncum
Transforming Art Education into Visual Culture Education Through Rhizomatic Structures

Rachel Mason
Curriculum Transformation And Art Education

Atilla Özdek
The Role of Folk Music as Cultural Heritage in the Curriculum of Vocational High Schools of Music: Pattern of Azerbaijan-Turkey

Serap Buyurgan & Başak Danacı Polat
Effect Of Art Education In Teaching The Concept Of Tissue To Autistic Children

Bedri Karayağmurlar & Firdevs Sağlam
Positive and Negative Factors Involved in the Development of Creativity in Children

Suzan Duygu Bedir Erişti
Art-Based Educational Research to Generate a Practice Based Approach