Publication Policy

For your paper to be considered for publication in AJESI, you need to obtain a plagiarism report from iThenticate, and upload it to the submission system along with your manuscript.
The manuscripts submitted to AJESI must be original and they must not have been published elsewhere previously or being currently under consideration by any other journal. It must be confirmed with a cover letter accompanying the manuscript.
Extended and revised versions of studies presented in symposiums or conferences can be submitted to the AJESI only if the name, date and place of the event is referenced.
It is assumed that the author(s) relinquished the copyright of the submitted manuscripts to AJESI.
All of the manuscripts submitted to the AJESI should be written according to established specifications that were explained in the “Instructions for Authors” section.
If the papers are not suitable for the required specifications in the “Instructions for Authors” of the AJESI, submitted papers might not taken into consideration for publication and such manuscripts will be returned to the corresponding author for revision.
Statements and opinions given in work published by the AJESI are the expressions of the authors, and responsibility for the contents of published papers rests upon the authors, not the AJESI.
AJESI has a blind review process. All manuscripts submitted to AJESI are circulated to two field referees after initial screening process. If the referee's report contradict one another, a further expert opinion will be sought.
Throughout the review process, all submissions satisfying the basic requirements will be subject to a blind review by at least two independent reviewers who will not have knowledge of the name of the author or of other reviewers. Likewise, the AJESI does not inform the author(s) about the reviewers in any phase of the review process.
If the number of the manuscripts that were credited as publishable by the reviewers were higher than the number of the articles that prescribed by the AJESI’s publication policy, the editorial board of the AJESI makes the final acceptance decision.
The editors reserve the right to modify typescripts to eliminate ambiguity and repetition, and to improve communication between author and reader. In following this practice, the scientific content and message will not be changed. If extensive alterations are required, the manuscript will be returned to the author for revision and/or approval.